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Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

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Your roof plays a big role keeping your house looking nice while offering protection from the elements. Be mindful of when either of those functions is no longer being met. If you find your roof is no longer doing its job, it might be time to replace it.

Shingles Are Missing

For shingle roofs, it is likely that the shingles are going to wear down or fall off over time. This creates unattractive sections of the roofing. Make sure to visually inspect your roof after a big storm, because there is a strong possibility that shingles will be blown off.

Light or Water Gets Through

Unless you have a skylight, you should not see any sunbeams come through your roof. The same holds true for leaks. If you constantly have to put pots underneath any holes in your roof to stop water from damaging your carpet you should quickly hire a roofer to repair the damage.

Old Age

Different roofing materials will have different lifespans. Talk with your roofing contractor before a job to get an idea of how long your roof should last. For most roofs, 25 years is how long you can expect them to last. Before purchasing a complete replacement, see if your old roof is still under warranty. 
Many problems can develop with roofs. As soon as something seems off, contact Oliver Brothers Roofing for prompt roof replacement.
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